WOLTUX believes in investing in modern day technologies to improve our products, services, and client experience.


We empower our clients to personalize and customize our products according to their personal needs to help them achieve their best look.


Taking care of our environment is our responsibility which is why we are committed to using renewable wool and other raw materials as much as we can.


We empower our clients to personalize and customize our products according to their personal needs to help them achieve their best look.

Become A Part Of The

WOLTUX Community!

We are a true community of motivated, professional, and fun individuals who love diversity, new ideas, collaboration, and challenges. We grow together and keep each other accountable which is the key to our success. You will make many inspiring friends and mentors while growing with us! WOLTUX is for everyone regardless of your gender, background, religion, or national origin.

We Believe In Creating And Empowering Leaders!

It is part of the WOLTUX culture to think like a leader and become one. Leaders that inspire teams, set examples, and achieve their goals. Our mentors and board members truly care about your success.

Client Service is Everything!

As a part of being the 21st century suit company, at WOLTUX, we realize the value of happy clients which is the reason why we work so hard to train our consultants to be the best version of themselves and give extra-ordinary service to each and every client they come across.

A word about Premium Fabrics!

WOLTUX’s premium quality fabrics comprise of superfine Australian Merino Wool which is the softest and finest wool on the planet. Every consultant will learn about our fabrics in great detail.

Perks of Being A Style Consultant

Flexible & Remote

Whether you are looking for a side gig, a full-time career, or a partnership opportunity, we offer many flexible options while working from the comfort of your home!

Become A Suit Expert

WOLTUX educates and trains you to be a true professional in the world of custom suits which empowers you to provide a memorable experience to our clients.

Growth Opportunities

We love to reward our high performing individuals whether you want to grow towards a corporate role, be a distributor or build your own business, we offer a roadmap.

Uncapped Earnings

Your Success is our success which is why we offer high commission rates and bonuses. We give you the opportunity to earn residual income from your team’s sales as well.

Job Description

Acquire new clients
Help wedding groups style their wedding suits
Consult clients on styling and help process orders
Build strategic partnerships with Referral Partners
Attend weekly leadership meetings
Lead the company expansion in your region
Increase brand awareness for WOLTUX
Promote WOLTUX events
Get client feedback and solve problems
Be friendly and maintain a positive attitude


Are energetic, people-friendly and a motivated individual.

Are passionate about the fashion industry especially suits and love dressing up.

Have a desire to learn and continuously challenge yourself.
Love hitting goals.
Are organized and professional.
Love to talk to people and understand their requirements.
Have a solution-oriented mindset to solve their problems.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we value diversity and understand it is critical to our success.