The WOLTUX team has worked long and hard figuring out how to best ‘Suit Your Personality.’ At WOLTUX, we understand that our customers want their suits to do more than just offer a nice look. That is why all our suits are hand stitched from scratch by our expert tailors, affording our customers an amazing look without compromising their individuality. By offering a wide variety of customization options, we have a suit that works for any event or any occasion. Additionally, we offer all this craftsmanship at an unbeatable price. We can’t wait to help tailor your success story!


All WOLTUX suits are Half-Canvassed which is the secret behind making your luxurious masterpiece’s affordable. To understand what a half-canvas construction is, it is important to understand the other construction types to fully appreciate the beauty of the half canvas.


Canvas is a material made up of a combination of organic and inorganic fibers that is added in the between the outer fabric and inner lining of the suit jacket. The purpose of a canvas is giving the suit a structure. In a Full-Canvassed suit, the canvas goes all the way from the shoulder padding till the end of jacket. A Full-Canvassed suit has the best drape and lifeline. However, it takes a long time to stitch it and is costly. The extra structure makes the suit slightly heavy as well.
On the other extreme is a Fused suit. As the name suggests, the various components of a suit are glued together to construct the suit. The process is inexpensive and fast, but the suit has no structure and the process affects the cloth quality as well. As a result, it does not give a great look and is considered as a poor-quality suit with a short lifespan.


Half-Canvassed Suit is the perfect middle ground of a Fused and Full-Canvassed suit. Our Canvas which is made up of a combination of organic and inorganic fibers is hand structured from the shoulder till the middle point of the jacket length. It also covers the jacket lapels ensuring that it gives you the best look. On the remaining portions, our expert tailors use the fusing process carefully. This combination is best of both worlds as it gives your suit enough structure and durability and at the same time the process is faster than that of a fully canvassed suit. You get quality, value and the limited fusing process does not cause any quality issues. In-fact it has a soft drape and conforms very well with your body. And most importantly, it is very comfortable as it does not carry the weight of extra structure.


Our Gold Line fabric is pure high-quality wool having an 80% plus wool silk blend. Wools natural fibers breathe well and provide you with the best comfort and natural drape.

Our Silver Line fabric is a blend of organic and inorganic fibers having 60% wool blend along with remaining high-end Terry Rayon fibers making the suit much more durable and stronger and yet super soft and comfortable at the same time.

We do cater special requests for other fabric types. You can Special Order to find out more.


We offer both custom-measured and standard-sized suits. Custom-measured suits offer the best look because the suit is cut to fit your body. Three fitting options are possible: slim fit, classic fit and Muscular fit. The slim fit option offers a stylish look that fits the body more closely, while the classic fit is looser and offers a more traditional look. The muscular fit is a slim fit that has added room and comfort considering the muscular elements of your body.


We offer several unique customizations, so you can customize the suit to fit your personality. Just click the customize option on the suit of your choice to get started. We also offer customization options on standard sized suits. Pretty cool. Right?
Not sure what to go with? Just click add to cart with our expert-selected default options.


We introduced this feature for our fashionable customers to improve their online custom suit shopping experience. With this technology, you can visualize over 30 different fabric options and customize your suit and see a demo of all the fabric and customization options to help you get a better idea of our styling options. Try It Now